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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Triumph Of The Holy Cross = Baby Boy

Today is a very powerful feast day in the Catholic Church, feast of the Triumph of the Cross. This is also a big day in our family, the day that we had our ultra sound and we found out that we are discontinuing the “girl” streak, our next baby will be a BOY!

The news came as a shock, a joyful shock because we don’t know how to raise a boy nor do we have any boy stuff (clothes, toys, etc.) But no need to worry because as usual, when God sends the little ones, He never includes any instructions with it, only graces! Please pray for us!


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Donna said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We are thrilled for you! What a special surprise God had for you! I've been wondering all day what the news would be. You are so blessed- thank you Lord for a healthy baby boy coming to bless this precious family.

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