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Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Means New School Year

So, the month of August has came and gone. Where did the time go? Come to think of it, this whole year has been moving rather fast. It is now September, which means a new year for homeschooling. We are following the Northern school year, which starts the day after Labor Day.

Coby came up with some new ideas to reorganize the school room to be a little bit more user friendly. Bookshelf against the wall came from an idea she had found from another blog. I just made it a little bit better. The girls love sitting in front of the books and just picking out books and reading them.

Now our school room is very cozy and roomier and we are ready to start homeschooling.



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Donna said...

These look AMAZING!!! M- you are soo talented- is there anything you can't build? Glad C is feeling better and school is up and running!

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