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Friday, June 4, 2010

A Day In The Baltimore Inner Harbor

DSC00350 What a nice place the Baltimore Inner Harbor is! When we got there we had lunch with Brian and Zoe Saint Paul. Thank you both for taking the time to come out to see us! It was really good to see you two as always.

DSC00326Thanks to Zoe and Brian, they took us to the water fountain area after lunch. Supposedly new fountain area, but I think in reality, they want to see our children get wet and of course, our girls just could not resist . . . and they got wet . . . soaked as a matter of fact! It is like magnets . . . they see water and it is an automatic invitation. Even though we didn’t bring any change of clothes, they had a blast and because it was so hot, it only took couple of hours until their clothes got dried.



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