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Sunday, June 6, 2010

At The Beach In North Carolina

We made it to the beach in North Carolina today, a city called Kitty Hawk. The 5 ½ drive was smooth and we only stopped once for half hour and got some ice cream at 7 Eleven. Four girls with ice cream in front of 7 Eleven, life is good!

zWe got to our hotel, checked in and went straight to the beach for a little wet . . . the water was sooooo cold . . . it must’ve been around 50º. . .  but it didn’t seemed to bother the girls at all.DSC00376

DSC00387 DSC00392

After supper we went to catch some crabs for fun and we let them all go at the end. It was a good day, a lot of laughing and excitement.

DSC00395 First catch DSC00399End with these


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