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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What You Can Do With An iPhone – Part 4

IMG_0003If you are anything like me, I don’t like carrying those little plastic membership, discount, reward cards on my keychain or wallet. Every time you go shopping to those stores that has these “pesky” cards, never failed to always ask you, “do you have a reward card?” Why do grocery stores do this? Why can they just give me the discount without having to show these “pesky” little cards?

Well, the iPhone App has a solution for that too, CardStar!IMG_0002 Yes, I can still get the discounts without having to stumble with my key chain. So, I have 5 or 7 cards, that is 5 to 7 cards I don’t have to carry in my wallet or keychain. I just turn on my iPhone and get to the card I need and show it to the cashier so he/she can than scan the barcodes that’s inside the iPhone. It is pretty neat and clean! Even the cashier commented, “wow, that’s way too cool!”

Highly recommended!


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