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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Story Of Father Miguel In Mount Sinai

As some of you may know Father Miguel led a group of pilgrimages to the Holy Land again this year and he shared with us his experienced when he went up to Mount Sinai.

Below is his story . . .

fmm Mt Sinai“I had to take several breaks on the way up. My meditation was on the way up while I was huffin' and puffin'; I was thinking that Moses got the Ten Commandments on the very mountain I hiked. It was on All Saints that we went there. When it was difficult going up, I offered my difficulty for reparation for my sins; then the Lord moved me to offer it for all my loved ones and all my spiritual children...for reparation for the times the Ten Commandments were violated. We took a bunch of photos being up there. Then, we came down. And at some point where there's a flat area, we offered Mass on Mt. Sinai with Mt Horeb on the background. That was the First Mass I've ever offered in the midst of several Muslims. At the end, we sang to Jesus Christ, our sovereign King; I was a little concern before I led it, but I figured they probably won't understand to martyr us...and after one full verse was sung, it was safe to continue the rest... ;-)”


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