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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Red Is My Favorite Color

How do you know it’s a GREAT day in America?

1. When Pelosi becomes Former Speaker of the House.

2. When the whole nations looks red not because the deficit is so high, but because people starts to understand who Obama really is.

3. When you read headlines like: “Republicans vow to roll back Obama agenda”, or Gay Marriage Judges get boot in Iowa”, or my favorite, “Barrack against the wall!”

Congratulations to all the great conservative candidates across the USA.

Start packing Mr. President, you have two more years to stay in the White House, unless you want to leave early!house

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Gramma 2 Many said...


I have not been able to come visit for so long, I did not know there was a new baby in the works:)
Congratulations. I am always so happy when I see people who follow the Word of the Lord and know that families are truly a blessing from Him!
Your header picture looks like the porch at a Cracker Barrel.

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