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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tragedy In The Coop

Some of you may have already heard regarding the invasion in our chicken coop what we think might be the “weasel” on Saturday morning. The picture is pretty gruesome so I’m sorry for posting such a picture, but you have to see the picture to believe it. Half of the chicken’s body is gone, eaten by another animal. We think it’s the weasel, because that is the only animal that could go into the small opening in between the coop and the chicken run. According to the explanation about the “Long-tailed Weasel”, “FEEDING HABITS: . . . the size of the prey does not seem to matter. The weasel has been known to attack full-grown rabbits and will occasionally enter a chicken coop and kill poultry. When prey is plentiful, the long-tailed weasel will store its surplus food. . .”

It was a sad Saturday morning to wake up to something like that. It was Goldie, which is Abigail’s Chicken!goldie


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