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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Cache Location

My first hidden cache located at N 33°12'49.0212" W 87°17'34.0188". You can enter this coordinates in your GPS and find the hidden cache. hangingoutinbrookwood

New to the hobby of geocaching? Well, I am very new at it! On this first hide, I didn’t put much thought to it and hid it rather quickly and I hope the coordinates is accurate as I want it to be. I think hiding the cache is more difficult than finding it, because you have to make sure that you are not too close to the next cache that a cacher hid (the rule is you have to be at least 528 feet apart). In our area there are a lot of cache everywhere, you can do a quick errand to a grocery store and on the way back you can try to find a cache or two.

Gabriela and I went out on Saturday for quick errands and we found 4 geocaches on the way there and back. Although what we found were small or micro cache which usually doesn’t take that much space to hide. Could be really hard to find or could be really easy, it all depends! But regardless of the sizes, we enjoy hunting for the cache!Geocaching with GA micro cache is hanging on the fence the size of a chap stick.

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Sharon said...

We haven't been geocaching since last Memorial Day weekend, and I've missed it! We started about three years ago, and went cache hunting fairly regularly, but started going less and less. I was the most addicted to it, and wanted to set up my own geocaching account (we're "geckoguys" if you're interested in looking us up), but our kids would have none of it. They told me it's something we're supposed to do as a family. I say, if no one wants to go but me, why not? :D Happy caching!

p.s. What's your geocaching handle?

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