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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Can We Have The Global Warming Now?

When you don’t have anything else to say in the blog and you feel like blogging, you can always talk about the weather, and how cold it’s been lately.

Today the low was at minus 9⁰Celsius, and when you talk about minus 9⁰Celsius,  it’s okay if you live in Canada, Michigan, Iowa, or maybe Alaska. But we are in Alabama, where winter for us used to be 7⁰ to 10⁰ Celsius. I think we’ve been spoiled with the warm weather in Alabama, we used to be able to tolerate the cold a little bit better than this.

So, Mr. Al Gore, can we please have the global warming now?





I mean it must be really cold when headline like this made it to Drudge Report, “Alabama off to coldest start since 1940

Despite the below freezing temperatures, our chickens are surviving and still laying three eggs a day. No Frozen chickens yet thanks be to God!

chickens  Chickadee & Rusty getting warm in one nest box inside the coop

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