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Friday, October 9, 2009

Fun Friday, Part II – The Nobel Peace Prize

IMG_2674How funny is this? When I read the news about the Nobel Peace Prize this morning I couldn’t stop laughing and I’ve been thinking so hard, what has Obama done to deserve this Nobel Peace Prize?

I thought the Nobel Peace Prize is that they are about achievement (I like to hope it is for good achievement, but after Al Gore . . . I don’t know anymore!). The more and more I think about it, well, is not really Obama’s fault that he wins the Nobel Peace Prize or whether or not he deserves it or the fact that we still have war in the womb, but how idiotic the Peace Prize Committees are! Are they desperate? Is ACORN in the committee? Is it the hope & change thing? Did they feel sorry for him because he didn’t win the Olympic bids for 2016? But, it can’t be the Olympic thing, because the committee voted on February 1st 2009, two weeks after he took office. 

I couldn’t come up with anything and my conclusion is, the Peace Prize Committees has lowered their standard and has cheapening the purpose of the award!

UPDATE: It shows that I’m not alone, Creative Minority Report congratulated Obama!

UPDATE II: From Times Online in UK; absurd decision on Obama makes a mockery of the Nobel peace prize


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