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Monday, August 17, 2009

Babywearing Is Awesome

I was totally convinced, when Coby told me she was going to get another baby carrier, I thought I was going to loose it. I mean we already have a “sling”, “moby-style wrap”, “mei tai”, and now this Ergo baby carrier. “Just try it", just try it”, those are the only words she said to me before I put them on. I tried the sling, which I thought it looks easy, but I didn’t really like it, both the moby-style wrap and the mei tai were just way too complex for me, you almost need an engineering degree to use them.

When we arrived at Callaway Gardens I tried the Ergo baby carrier, and I have to say, this is different! It’s easy to do, comfortable and I just love it. I guess it helped when Christiana actually felt a sleep within 20 minutes after I put her on.

I also carried Abigail on my back, like having a back pack.

Two thumbs up from me on the Ergo baby carrier!


Click here if you want to watch the Ergo baby carrier YouTube.


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