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Monday, July 6, 2009

Propagating Roses

Back in May I started what might be a new hobby, “roses”. Planting roses that is! So far so good, and some of them are even blooming already.

IMG_2163 IMG_2167

To make it a little bit more challenging I also started propagating roses. You can click here to see what propagating is all about. I propagated 6 stem of roses which we got from the rose show at the botanical garden. Three stems didn’t make it and the other three, nine weeks later have some roots. Yippee . . .  I’m so excited about this!

IMG_2182 IMG_2183

When you grow roses from cuttings, they are identical to the original plant. So, imagine the possibilities, if I see a beautiful rose around your garden I might cut a stem and start propagating your rose.

IMG_2129 Images taken using the new iPhone 3G S


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