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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Please Come Back Another Day

The weather is lousy in Canada, rain, rain, rain, snow, cold, more rain, the temperature is about 9⁰Celsius (48⁰F), this is a winter temperature for us Alabamian. But we are still enjoying the vacation and having fun in Canada.

IMG_0858 Our second stop in Canada was at Coby’s brother in Bailieboro. The rain stopped for about an hour or so and the girls were able to ride ‘Wilbur’ the pony.

IMG_0904 IMG_0871

IMG_0898We made it to Bracebridge, Canada last Thursday and the mosquitoes and black flies welcomed us by the hundreds. I think there were more mosquitoes in Bracebridge than in the whole State of Alabama.

IMG_0924On Saturday the day before Pentecost Sunday, we had some  sun and a little bit warmer weather. I think the high was at 65⁰ Fahrenheit. We got to play outside and rode four wheelers. But on Sunday, shortly after Mass, it started snowing. We thought the Holy Spirit was supposed to be in a form of tongue of fire. IMG_0916


Posted from Bracebridge, Canada


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