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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Live From Prague, Czech Republic

Right now I am on a business trip to the Czech Republic after our trip to Canada. I flew out from Detroit on Saturday and arrived in Prague, Czech Republic today on Sunday morning. I was concerned about not being able to go to Mass on Sunday due to the time of my arrival, but God was good and thank you for all of you who are praying for me that I will find Mass in Prague.
St. Joseph Church was just around the corner from my hotel and I went to the 5 o’clock Mass. Thank you St. Joseph!

IMG_0024It was an older and simple church and it sit in the middle of town right next to the LARGEST Shopping Mall in Czech Republic, called Palladium. So as you can imagine, all the young people were at the shopping mall, and the older folks were at Mass. Although the church was full, it would’ve been nice to see some younger people in there. They still use the  communion rails and everyone kneel down on the communion rails while the Priest distributed communions.

IMG_0026 IMG_0027


Posted from Prague, Czech Republic


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