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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Visitors From Around The World

Since we’ve started this blog almost a year ago, 28 different countries have visited this blog and one way or another taking an interest at looking at our blog. Some visits because of they know our family, some wanting to know what this blog is all about, some happen to stumble over it by accident, and some heard about it from someone else and decided to check it out. What ever the case maybe, it doesn’t really matter. This is not “the latest breaking news” blog, it’s just a family fun blog!Most of them we will never know who you are, for instance, we don’t know anyone from Serbia, nor Egypt, nor Turkey, but this is still amazing isn’t it?! You are welcome to comments on it at anytime you feel like it on a particular topics or just simply say hello.


This is what I call the United Nations on the palm of your hands!


Thank you for visiting and taking an interest at our blog!


God Bless!



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