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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy And Sad Moments

We enjoy watching the birds that come to our bird feeder,  indigoespecially this week, the Indigo Bunting has delighted us with their beautiful vibrant color. Last night one of the Indigo birds flew against our kitchen window and seemed to be stunned. 

IMG_2421 IMG_2422

While the bird was trying to compose itself, it was sitting on my palm for a little bit and the girls were quite happy that they got to see it up close. But then it tried to fly off my palm and hit the ground and it was gasping for air and died. Then we were sad.

IMG_2425 IMG_2427 IMG_2429

The girls took turns holding the dead bird before the burial ceremony. Rebecca was so happy to hold the dead bird and asked if she should have a sad or happy face for the picture and we told her she should have a sad face, she replied she didn’t know how to make a sad face and Abigail chimed in, “I can have a sad face, like this”.


Looking for a burial spot


Found a spot


The girls thought they could come to pray at the burial spot each day. What a lesson we shared about life and death. Priceless!


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