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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An Expensive Wish and Dream!

header2It is because I’m working in the automotive industry, so my wish will be related to automotive. I like these  two cars, I know especially the Smart car is not a manly car, and as far as safety, probably do not have a good safety rating! But, look at these cars, wouldn’t you want to drive either one of them around town on a Saturday afternoon? I know I can’t take my whole family, but with an 8.7 gallon tank on a Smart car, I can pretty much do the driving around five times and it wouldn’t cost me a lot of money.

miniThe Mini Cooper is a little bigger, I can actually take three of my girls driving around on a Saturday afternoon. You will get 26 miles/gal in the city in the Mini versus 33 miles/gal in the Smart.

Maybe when I receive the stimulus money, I can then purchase either the Smart Car or the Mini Cooper, until then, I can only wish and dream!


Brian Saint-Paul said...

Alright Michael, speaking on behalf of manly men everywhere, we're going to reluctantly allow you to get a Mini Cooper. But if we should happen to see you weaving around in a little SmartCar, we're going to have to confiscate your Manhood Membership Card.

Those things are hard to get back, so choose wisely.

Our Family said...

Brian, Good to hear from you too! If I loose my Manhood Membership Card, maybe I can use the angle of "I'm trying to be green", I'm sure Al Gore will help me get my Manhood Membership Card back.

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