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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christiana Is Home

Christiana and Coby came home today after 48 hours in the hospital. We are all so happy and excited to have them at home. We gave Christiana a little tour of our home, she slept most of the tour, but she likes her new home!
We would like to thank everyone for your prayers during the pregnancy until now, but please still keep us in your prayers during this transition. We also would like to thank Robin Duke and family for watching the girls when we went to the hospital on Monday. Thank you also to Jennifer Rodriguez and family for watching the girls the day after Christiana was born.
Thank you also for all the emails and phone calls of congratulations you have sent to us. Lastly, thank you to Michael's parents (Christiana's grandparents) and Fr. Miguel Marie for visiting at the hospital. We are so grateful with all the kindness!


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