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Monday, September 22, 2008

Camping at Lake Guntersville

It was for the weekend only, we arrived on Friday night and came back Sunday afternoon. It was quick and to the point and we had so much fun. The girls wished we could've stayed longer, but nevertheless they were happy. We played in the playground, we swam in the lake, we went biking, we went fishing. Rebecca caught a fish again, she was the only one that caught a fish this time. Daddy was too busy un-tangling the fishing lines, hooking the worm, re-hooking the worm and hooking the worm. Gabriela was convinced that it was because her worm wasn't wiggling, why she wasn't catching any fish.

We saw a lot of deer around the camping area and they come right up to you and not afraid of us at all. I think they feel safe being around the camp ground, because no one will shoot at them.
We've camped at Lake Guntersville twice now and we really enjoy coming here! Looks like this is going to be an annual event on Gabriela's birthday.


Kris and Stacey said...

Oh the patience we parents must have raising our children. Great pictures. I love Guntersville. It is such a beautiful place. Great pictures of the girls! Sounds so relaxing!

~Marci~ said...

your family is so precious. I enjoyed looking at your blog and plan to visit again.
thanks for visiting did you stumble upon it???

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