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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lordy, Lordy, Fr. Miguel is Forty!

Today is Fr. Miguel's 40th birthday! From our family to you, happy birthday to you, feliz cumpleaños, selamat ulang tahun, gelukkige verjaardag aan u, alles Gute zum Geburtstag, buon compleanno, joyeux anniversaire!We heard Bishop Baker said (or perhaps sang) happy birthday to Fr. Miguel today in Hanceville. That must be a greatful birthday present from Our Lord.

Fr. Miguel came to visit us the other night since he got back from Australia for the World Youth Day. That's where he took this picture with the koala bear. Our question is; could this be the same koala bear that our Holy Father touched? We shall find out! We will update you as we hear more stories about Fr. Miguel's trip to Australia.

Fr. Miguel's visit was rather quick, because he needed to go back to Hanceville that evening, but never the less it was always nice to be visited by him. Especially the girls, they just love their uncle Miguel! We treasure anytime we are able to spend with Fr. Miguel {hint-hint-nudge-nudge}
The girls are enjoying their koala souvenirs. You can see a picture of Rebecca wearing the koala on her pony-tail.

Anyway, happy birthday Fr. Miguel, may your 41st year be filled with many blessings. We love you Fr. Miguel, we love you Uncle Miguel!

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miss mitchell said...

May your 41st birthday be filled with the lord's love! miss mitchell

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